Why should I use CookieHub?

CookieHub is deployed using a customizable javascript code that you can easily implement on your web site for free. The widget is GDPR compliant, requiring clear consent from users and allows the users to revoke or allow any cookie categories at any time using the cookie settings sidebar.

Additional features and priority support is available for low yearly fee.

Can I customize the widget?

Yes, you can choose between few themes, customize colors, all text and control the position of each element.

What features are included in the premium plans?

In addition to all free features, you can enable geolocation which detects the client's country based on the IP address and only shows the widget for countries where cookie laws are present. You can remove the "About this tool" text, have access to priority support and can view user consent reports.

What does the geolocation feature provide?

You only need to seek consent from users where the GDPR regulation applys. If geolocation is enabled, the widget will only be shown for users that are located in countries where the regulations are in place. For other countries, all javascript code configured will run without any action from the user.

Is my company fully GDPR compliant if I use CookieHub?

CookieHub only provides cookie control for your end users, if used correctly the widget will cover all sections of the laws regarding tracking cookies. This may be sufficient for your company to be GDPR compliant but the regulations covers many other privacy and security related regulations that may require further actions.

How do I use CookieHub?

You should copy the code provided for you widget to all pages on your website or a shared template/layout if available. Once that's done you need to make sure you don't run any code that creates tracking cookies unless the user has allowed the related category using the javascript API. You can find detailed information about how to integrate to your site in our knowledge base.

If you have premium subscription active we provide priority support and can provide information about how to do that.

My website is in multiple languages, does the widget support that?

Yes, you can create multiple widgets in your account. To use multiple languages, you need to create one widget for each language.

I will be deploying the widget to more than 20 domains, do you offer accounts for service providers or agencies?

Yes we do offer agency subscription for up to 100 domains for €999.95/year. You can buy the agency subscription just like any other subscription. If you need more than 100 domains, please contact us for a quote.

Can I resell the product?

Yes we offer reseller plans where you can manage all your customers in one place. Contact us for further details.

I need assistance, what can I do?

You may find a solution in our knowledge base.

We offer priority support for customers with premium subscriptions. Create a new support ticket and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

Does the widget affect the speed of my website?

We have optimized the widget to make sure it has minimal impact on the speed of your web site.

Does CookieHub collect any personal information or track end users?

We don't collect any personal information about your end users and don't track any activity except anonymous consent log used to demostrate user choices in case of a complaint as required in GDPR article 7.1. We use a cookie to store the user's preference but it's not shared between web sites and not used to identify user behaviour.

We don't distribute or sell any data.

Do you offer refunds?

If you are not happy with CookieHub and would like to cancel your account, we offer full refund on any payments within 15 days of purchase. Create a support ticket on our help desk to request cancellation and refund.