Need a simple solution for cookie collection and management? CookieHub has you covered. This out-of-the-box solution will help you make your website compliant in a few clicks, but you may be asking: What exactly does that mean? To explain, here's a closer look at CookieHub's core features.

These features come standard with all CookieHub versions, both free and paid. We like to highlight our automatic cookie scanner and highly-customizable user interface, but let's explore everything CookieHub offers -- including some highly useful (and important) features you may not be familiar with.

Cookie Scanner

All domains are automatically scanned to detect cookies in use. Based on the result, a cookie declaration is created with a list of cookies along with details about each cookie from our cookie database. Every 30 days your web site is automatically scanned to check if there have been any changes in the cookies used on your web site and any change is automatically published to your cookie declaration.

Cookie Declaration

The cookie declaration, also known as cookie policy, lists all cookies in use on the web site along with information about expiration, originating domain and detailed description on the purpose of each cookie.

We maintain a database of cookies detected on web sites using CookieHub, categorize them and provide details on the most frequent cookies.

Google Tag Manager

CookieHub is tightly integrated with Google Tag Manager (GTM) and automatically sends triggers based on actions made in the CookieHub widget. We provide a recipe that can be imported to your current GTM container to easily integrate CookieHub to your web site.


By default, CookieHub doesn't load any services or tags managed by CookieHub until the end users have consented to the assigned cookie categories.

In some cases, users don't collect personalized data using the services or tags and want to start tracking anonymous data instantly until the user has configured the cookie consent. Enabling preconsent does exactly this.

Theme & Styles

You can choose between various themes and styles, customize buttons, colours and placement of the CookieHub widget shown on your domain.

JavaScript API

CookieHub offers JavaScript API with various events, methods and properties which you can use to extend the functionality.


The CookieHub widget is fully responsive and looks great on any device and browser.