CookieHub Premium is a subscription service and each domain is charged monthly based on the number of page views detected in the previous 30 day period.

Premium subscriptions are automatically updated at the end of each billing period to match the previous month page views.

Free Premium Premium L Premium XL Enterprise
Page scan limit* 100 500 500 500 up to 25.000
Page views** 25k/month 50k/month 500k/month 1.000k/month up to 50M/month
Subdomains 0 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Cookie scan
Cookie declaration
GTM integration
Reset consent
Multiple languages
Consent log
Usage statistics
Priority support
Remove branding


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Free trial


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Starting at €49.95/month

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* Page scan limit only indicates the maximum number of pages that the CookieHub crawler will scan. If your web site contains more pages than the limit, the scanner will stop once it reaches the limit. Most or all cookies will be detected before the page limit is reached.

** Your domain or account won't be suspended if your monthly page views exceed the included page views. If you exceed the monthly limit, the subscription plan will be automatically upgraded to a plan that includes the required page views.

Prices exclude 24% VAT which is added only for Icelandic residents and companies.