Product features

CookieHub provides everything you need to begin collecting visitors’ consent, including an automatic cookie scanner, a customizable user interface, and various integration methods.

Product features
Compliance checker

Cookie scanner

Scans your website and detects cookies that are in use for you.

Cookie declaration

Cookie declaration

Automatically generates a detailed list of cookies in use.



Ensures a users privacy until their consent is given.

Fully responsive

Fully responsive

Your customised widget looks great on any screen size.


Customize to you

With the CookieHub widget, you have the option to either use a pre-designed theme or fully customise the buttons, colours, and placement on your website.

Custom Colours

Easily set up your cookie compliance to match your brand colours.

Custom CSS

Paid plans offer the ability to add custom CSS, allowing you to customise to your specific needs and preferences.

Get started with your favourite tools and platforms

Effortlessly integrate CookieHub into your website builder or CMS platforms.

Powerful features included in our paid plans

Subscribing to one of our paid plans gives you access to a full suite of great features.



Automatically shows the correct consent framework depending on the users location.


39 Languages

Changes language based on website content, browser preferences or URL prefix.



Detailed reports on consent responses, sessions and a lot of useful information.

Custom support

Customer support

Fast and easily accessible support here to assist with any questions you have.

Prove your consents

Need to provide evidence that you have collected the neccessary consent from your users in accordance with various privacy laws? You can easily do that with the CookieHub consent log.

Consent evidence

Access your consent history at anytime via the dashboard.

Download consent history

Select the date range you need from the dashboard and easily download the consent log.

Prove your consents

Don’t just take our word for it, get started with a 30 day free trial!

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