If your website is like just about every other website, it probably collects cookies from your visitors. However, while most website owners know this simple fact, very few of them can actually list the specific cookies they collect (unless they happen to be a web developer, too). Not to fear, CookieHub comes with a Cookie Scanner to ensure effortless and accurate setup.

Our Cookie Scanner will analyze your website for you, automatically detecting all cookies your site uses. Based on those results, CookieHub then generates a unique cookie declaration, which is another very important part of the compliance puzzle. Without knowing exactly what cookies you track, it'd be impossible to ensure complete compliance with GDPR and other regulations.

Since the cookies you use may change over time as you add new features, connect new plugins, and so on, CookieHub will automatically re-scan your website every 30 days. If it detects changes in the cookies you use, the Cookie Declaration will be updated automatically, making compliance management a totally hands-off process.

Domains with active premium subscription will receive a detailed report after every scan on cookies detected, newly detected cookies and whether or not the cookies are correctly configured and protected by CookieHub and not loaded without consent.