You Can Do It! Become a Reseller for CookieHub and Join Our Partner Program

You Can Do It! Become a Reseller for CookieHub and Join Our Partner Program

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Ready to Grow Something Big? Increasing Your Monthly Income Is Simple

CookieHub makes creating a consent management platform easy and has everything you need to make your website GDPR, LGPD, and CCPA compliant. Now, we are making compliance both easy and lucrative with our reseller program. The best thing is that our reseller program does not only work for web developers and tech gurus — anyone can get on board and start selling today.

First of All, Why Is Consent Management Important?

Consent management is the next frontier in business operations globally. Around the world, countries and governmental bodies are passing laws that empower users to understand and exercise their data rights. Consent management is a system or process that allows customers to determine what personal data they are willing to share with a business. Are you more frequently seeing pop-ups that ask you to “Accept all cookies” or “Deny all cookies” when you visit a new website? (You may have even had to declare your intentions when you visited this page!) Well, that’s consent management hard at work.

Even though consent management is not universally in place, many forward-thinking companies are employing consent management tools to proactively show that they care about the privacy of website visitors and respect their data.

Why Is CookieHub a Great Consent Management Platform?

CookieHub, based in Iceland, makes cookie consent simple. It is a full-featured cookie consent management platform that works when a website owner or manager adds a widget to their site along with a cookie scanner. These tools automatically categorize and generate a cookie declaration listing for each visitor to explain the cookie’s purpose and usage. Users are then given a choice to allow or reject the cookies, and CookieHub remembers that decision for all future visits.

There are lots of cookie consent management platforms available today, but few are as powerful, feature-rich, and easy to use as CookieHub. Our tools are GDPR compliant and LGPD compliant, which makes cookie management effortless. Our consent forms are clear and concise, simultaneously giving the user a clear choice and showing website owners as classy, forward-thinking enterprises who care about their users’ data privacy.

CookieHub stands out in the crowded consent management market by making it easy to create and fully customize a consent management form that can match a website’s branding so that it looks seamless and never out of place. How easy is putting CookieHub to work on a website? It’s as simple as copying and pasting a provided javascript code or simply implementing it on an existing Google Tag Manager setup page.

CookieHub is free to use for any website that has less than 25,000 sessions per month, and customers can easily upgrade to our incredibly affordable premium package that is packed with extra features at a cost of just €4.95 per month.

And that’s where you come in.

Join the CookieHub Partner Program and Become a Reseller

Joining the CookieHub Partner Program and becoming a reseller is easy. You can increase your monthly income and become a part of the growing global movement to empower website users to protect and manage their data and privacy.

To get started, you should sign up for a CookieHub user account.

Here is how it works for resellers:

  • We charge you directly for all paid promotions but give you a 30 percent discount.
  • You control all of the domain settings on your CookieHub account.
  • This is a great solution for agencies, web developers, consultants, and managed service providers (MSPs)

Here is how it works for affiliates:

  • We charge the client and you get a 30 percent commission each month for each paid domain
  • The client controls the domain settings through their own CookieHub account
  • This is the ideal solution for contractors, bloggers, and influencers
  • You can become an affiliate partner by contacting us through the support portal

How does the affiliate program work? We made it simple! You will receive a unique URL and coupon code. You can share this directly on a web page, send it to friends, shout it from the rooftops, post it on social media, or send it to your mom. The more you share it, the more chances you have to earn money! For every customer who is referred, you will receive a 30 percent recurring monthly commission on all paid subscriptions. Additionally, the customers who are referred will receive a 10 percent discount on subscriptions when they use your unique discount code.

  • We charge the client and you receive a 30 percent monthly commission of each paid domain
  • The client controls the domain settings on their CookieHub account
  • Commissions are paid monthly with wire transfers when the affiliate balance is more than €100

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to activate my reseller account after signing up?
All submissions are reviewed within 48 hours, and we can expedite the service by special request. You can be up and selling within just a few days!

Do I need to have a premium subscription on my own website in order to be a reseller?
Nope – you do not have to be a paying subscriber.

Can I set up free domains using my reseller account?
Yes, you can set up as many as 100 free domains per account. 

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