Easy Google Consent Mode Intergration

Seamlessly Integrate Google Consent Mode with CookieHub for Enhanced Privacy and Accurate Data Collection. Effortlessly Comply with GDPR and Optimize Your EU Campaigns: Accurate Analytics, and Continuous Ad Performance

Google’s New CMP Requirements
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Easy Consent Mode Set Up

Implementing Google Consent Mode with CookieHub is easy and efficient. With just a few clicks, you can seamlessly integrate and manage user consent. CookieHub’s intuitive interface simplifies the process, helping you stay on top of privacy preferences

Consent log

Step 1

Create CookieHub account

  1. Sign Up: Visit the CookieHub website and create a new account.
  2. Add Your Website: Log into your CookieHub account and add your website to the dashboard.

Step 2

Install CookieHub Template in GTM

  1. Log into CookieHub: Access your CookieHub account to obtain your domain code.
  2. Add Template to GTM: Configure the CookieHub template within your GTM container settings.

Step 3

Preview, Verify, and Publish

  1. Publish Changes: Once verified, submit and publish the changes in GTM.
Google Consent Mode

What is Google Consent Mode?

Google Consent Mode is a tool that allows websites to adjust how Google services behave based on user consent.

Easily choose between Basic and Advanced Consent mode. 

Who does IAB TCF impact?

Maximize Compliance and Trust with CookieHub’s IAB TCF Support

The IAB TCF is a standardized framework designed to help all parties in the digital advertising ecosystem comply with GDPR and ePrivacy Directive requirements. It provides a way to communicate user consent preferences across the supply chain.

CookieHub is a Google Certified CMP

Discover the Power of CookieHub – Your Google Certified Consent Management Platform (CMP)! At CookieHub, we’re proud to announce our Google certification, solidifying our position as a trusted CMP for web managers.

Google Certified CMP Partner

Easy to use and surprisingly powerful.

CookieHub comes with a suite of great features, helping you and your users confidently take control of cookie privacy.

Seamless integration

Just a few clicks away from easily setting up your cookie consent widget.

Peace of mind

Ensuring you are following ever changing cookie privacy regulations around the world.

Powering trust

Gain your customers trust by ensuring their privacy is taken seriously.


Choose between various themes, style buttons, colours and placement of the widget shown on your website.

Wordpress plugin

Connect CookieHub to your WordPress website using our plugin.

Fully responsive

So your custom widget looks great on any screen size.

Pricing plans to suit
your needs.




Great when you are building your website




Best for individuals and low traffic websites




Perfect for businesses and websites with 100.000/mo visits




For companies with large, high-traffic websites

Consent log

Cookie Consent Log

When the consent log feature is enabled, CookieHub logs and stores user consents along with necessary information required to look up user choices in case you’ll have to demonstrate consents to authorities. This feature is only available for premium subscriptions.

Scan Your Website

You can check your website for cookies for free by using our cookie scanner tool. We will generate a help report of the cookies currently in use.

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